Punishment as the corrective measure the tiltle itself describes its meaning . according to me if someone is not improving then it is not necessary that he or she will improve only by love sometimes we have to take strict decisions to make someone perfect and to give punishment to him or her . as in hindi their is a quote in hindi that  LATO KE BHOOT BATO SE NAHI MANTE. we have to understand someone whom we `re giving punishment that he or she will only be improve by punishment and it is only way that they will improve and try their best..........

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punishments play a vital role in my life.if i give my example my mother made me sitting murgha for 2 hrs and i was spanked 30 times because i have told a lie. and frm that time i never lied in my because i was punished i never repeat this mistake. so i totally agree with u
They say "spare the rod and spoil the child".To an extent it is true.Punishment has been used as corrective measur since ages.Be it our old 'ashrams','Gurukuls' or the convents of the West,techers around the world have been using punishment as a corrective measure.The growing indiscipline in schools and colleges has become a great problem now-a-days.Should we use the rod? Easier said than done.We are living in the age of computers.Punishment as a corrective measure won't work at all. It is inhuman and insulting.Physical punishment crushes the initiative and innocence in a child.In schools and colleges such measures are counter productive.They discourage healthy relationship between teachers and students.Their realionship should be based on mutual love and respect.But human society is not a society of angles.Some kind of punishment may be necessary.It may not be physical punishment.The erring and indisciplined students can be fined.No doubt, the parents will have to suffer for the misdeeds of their wards.But there is no other alternative deterrent.Irregular students should be detained and not allowed to appear in the examinations.Such kind of punishment should be used only in rare cases.They shouldn't be used as a habit.Teachers must serve as a role models of their students.