Read the conversation given below and complete the passage that follows. Jain : When is the fancy dress competition in your school ? Manna : It is after two weeks. Jain : Are you taking part in it ? Manna : Yes , I am taking part as a driver. Jain : Why have you chosen that ? Manna : So that I can reach late. Jain asked Manna (a) ________________.Manna replied that (b) ________________.Jain enquired (c) _______________.Manna said that(d)____________.Jain asked why(e)_______________.She answered that then (f) __________________________.



A) when is the fancy dress competition?
b) Its after 2 weeks.
c)Are u takng part in it?
d) yes as a driver .
e) y have u chosen dat ?
f) so dat i cn get myself ready with my costumes perfectly wored.
i think its...... "how can u do so....? , since its a competition u must be punctual ". not gud at creativity...
Hey, dnt discourage urself.....
u too can do it.