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Science is the key to the mystries of the world the tilte itself decribes it `s meaning according to me that science is enough powerful tool that science allows us to do everything we want to do things in our life. science is the only way by which can mystery can be solved without science nothing can be done. even though we are believing that science can make the impossible things possible .....Thanks to scientific tools that perhaps didn't exist at the time of the occurrences, investigators have been able to figure out the solutions to many earlier puzzles. Sometimes the researchers simply get lucky, thanks to a deathbed confession or stumbling across a clue that everyone else missed....for example science has solved many mysteries such as No one had even seen the stones in motion as far as scientists knew. So a team of US researchers decided to investigate in 2011. They set up time-lapse cameras and a weather station to measure wind gusts. Then they installed motion-activated GPS tracking units in 15 limestone rocks and set them on the playa.It could have been a decade or more before anything happened, but they got lucky. In December 2013, the team was there in person when the stones sailed—and the mystery was it`s proved that science is the only way through which mystries can be solved.
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Many years back,science was not seen as an important tool for studing our surroundings . There were many myths that existed at that time about humans and earth. Myths were written proofs of some natural phenomenons occuring on earth. But there was no exact proof that the myths are right, but still people followed them.
With the passage of time ,science made its place in the minds of people but making them believe that science is the only tool to solve the mysteries of the world.
Eg. The mysteric hill in ladakh which caused the vehicles automatically travel uphill. Myths believed that there is a mysterious force dragging the vehicles but science proved that there was magnetic force comming from the magnetic hills that made the vehicles move.
Science can achieve any wonders of the world. This world is a mystery , lets solve it together with science.