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WHile there are many advantages of using English in India, there are many disadvantages also.

1. People of India are not able to understand the constitution and not able to be good citizens as English is not their native language
2. Development of people seems to be difficult as English is the medium for official purposes in India.
3. Indian culture is taking a step behind as educated persons in English are turning towards other cultures.
4. Not knowing english is driving people in to a backward status. they are dependent on other citizens, agents etc for their tasks, interaction with government.
5. advertisements, notices, bus numbers, names of cities, trains, places, tags, accounts in bank are all communicating in english - which is not known to the local people.
6. many people are cheated on legal or other documents as they are not good in english and other persons handle documents in english.

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1. Use of native languages decreases.
2. People of low medium cannot understand the readings,posters etc.
3. Gradually people gives importance to english and totally forget their native ones.
4. People thinks that talking in english would give a good status in the society.