Reusing is a one of 3 - R's( Reduce , Recycle and Reuse ) method where a product is used again and again rather than just squandering it off
[Ex :- Using of Jute bag again and again ] . It is the best way to protect our environment . Whereas , Recycling needs some energy to recycle a product
.Here Recycling means :-changing of waste products into new one's or Using of waste product as a Bi product
Ex :- [ Plastic Bottles can be recycled by sending those to factories . They'll use it as a bi product ]
. But here it needs some energy to convert this waste . Therefore , Here we're using energy source but whereas reusing of products don't need any energy .
Hence , Reuse is better than recycling
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To reusing all we need to do is nothing just make work is materials we might have thrown but recycling requires some energy.

Therefore reuse is energy efficient