In the figure angle PQR=100 degree, where P ,Q, R are the points on the circle. With centre O . Find angle QPR.The figure cann 't be inserted by me so I had described figure...(Figure has a centre O , P,Q and R are the points on the circle then PO ,OR,PQ and QR are joined and PR is also joined and angle PQR is 100 degree..)



Given, Angle PQR=100 Construction:draw a line from O to Q Therefore, OP=OR=OQ So triangle POQ and QOR is a isosceles triangle Angle QPR = angle QRP In triangle PQR, Angle PQR+angle QRP+angle QPR=180 100+2 angle QPR=180 2 angle QPR=80 angle QPR=80/2 angle QPR=40
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