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Inthe the two cicles are congruent because their diameterr is equal.(i.e dc=ab=21cm)
    area of shaded region=(area of square)-2(area of the semicircle)
    area of shaded region=94.63.
How its 108
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its 174
its not 108 because the above calculation is 2(21+66)=174
got it
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ABCD is square with sides 21cm ...and there are two the radius of the semicircles will be same...i.e.21/ the area of the two semicircles will also be of the two semicircles DPC and APB=πr^2*2/2=πr^2=22/7*21/2*21/2=346.5cm^ now let us find the area of the square=21*21=441cm^ the area of the shaded region=441-346.5=94.5cm^2(ans)