We should teach them moral values by showing them disadvantages gained when we are doing something wrong by showing an example
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The proverb says “Parents are the first teacher and teachers are the second parent” parents play an important role in shaping the character of their children.
Bringing up children is an art and is almost like sowing a seed, watering it, fencing when it grows, periodical manuring and using pesticides if needed in due course of time. Parents have to see that their children should grow in an atmosphere that makes them good and successful citizen.It is very true that the parents eagerly desire that their children will be well educated and well settled in their lives. While doing so they are not expecting anything in return from them at a later period. Usually the parents are the role models for their children. It is the real fact that the seeds of bitter guard will never produce plant with sweet fruits. Those people with antisocial (bad) qualities can never expect their children to be good. Therefore, it is the first and foremost responsibility of a parent to come forward for self sacrifice and detach all bad qualities of their character. Then only they can mould their children’s character or behavior.
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