Co-education refers to the integrated education system, where the education of both boys and girls are arranged in the same environment, mainly at schools, colleges and universities. Co–education is one of the most common spectacles in the educational system of West. It is now been widely seen in India as well. As a matter of historical fact, there was co-education in ancient India particularly in the Vedic Age, when woman had a very high status in the society. However, with the passage of time, the system of co- education began to be discouraged in India. During the British rule, however, co-education once again cropped up, but only one out of one thousand Indian girls could get the privilege of studying with boys. Today, of course, co-education is encouraged in our country and number of co-educational institutions is increasing. Critics: There are certain critics who are still holding the conservative view that by studying in co-educational institutions our girls become immodest and graceless and that their moral character also gets blotted. These critics are of the opinion that the decline of morality in the present age is the direct outcome of co-educational system. There is absolutely no truth in these false and baseless charges against co-education. Co-education neither corrupts a girl nor a boy. Educational institutions are holy temples of the Goddess Saraswati. In these sacred temples there can be no room for impurity, unholiness and immorality. When boys and girls can enjoy enjoy mixed social gatherings and parties, then where lies the harm if they study together?