Boon :
1. T.V. is a vital source of our today's life .
2. Its the best electronic media in today's world .
3. Use of T.V.s for the propagation of any news is very useful as it is fast and easy to transfer.
4. Its use for getting information on any topic is good like from discovery,history TV 18,etc..
5. To get refresh watching funny programmes on tv is good as laughter is good for health. 


1.T.V.s excessive use is harmful for health of one.
2. Watching negative shows on T.V. for long hours can affect your mind diversely .
3. It can also affect eyesight and diseases like one can suffer from cataract at small ages .
4. It makes you lazy and slowly you become short tempered and your mood becomes irritating .
5. Most harmful thing that can happen is sitting at a place affects the process of digestion and due to improper digestion one can suffer from diabetes and other stomach related problems.

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