Which of the following positions can contribute to democracy at the global level? Give reasons for your answer in each case.

a My country gives more money to international institutions. Therefore, I want to be treated with more respect and exercise more power.
b My country may be small or poor. But my voice must be heard with equal respect, because these decisions will affect my country.
c Wealthy nations will have a greater say in international affairs. They cannot let their interests suffer just because they are outnumbered by poor nations.
d Big countries like India must have a greater say in international organisations.




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Option b.  can countribute to democracy at global level.

Option a:  If a country C pays more money and exercises more power, over other countries, it overrides the opinions & rights of people of those countries. So global democracy suffers.

Option c: Wealthy nations have always taken interest in affairs from their point of view and do not let all decision be taken democratically in the internatioal summits. They exercise veto powers and influence other countries in a biased way or threatening with sanctions/restrictions on trade or other ways.