Jumman Sheikh and Algu Chowdhary were good friends. So strong was their bond of friendship that when either of them went away from the village, the other looked after his family. Both were greatly respected in the village. Jumman had an old aunt who had some property. This she transferred to him on the understanding that she would stay with him and he would look after her. The arrangement worked well for a couple of years. Then the situation changed. Jumman and his family were tired of the old relative. Jumman became as indifferent to her as his wife, who grudged even the little food that the old lady wanted every day. She swallowed these insults along with her food for a few months. But patience has its limits. One day she spoke to Jumman. “My son, it is now obvious that I am not wanted in your house. Kindly give me a monthly allowance so that I can set up a separate kitchen.” “My wife knows best how to run the house. Be patient,” said Jumman shamelessly. This made his aunt very angry and she decided to take her case to the village panchayat. For many days, the old lady was seen talking to the villagers, explaining her case and seeking their support. At last, she came to Algu Chowdhary and spoke to him “You know, Chachi, Jumman is my best friend. How can I go against him? Algu said. “But is it right, my son, to keep mum and not say what you consider just and fair?” 
Jumman & Algu were good friends.So strong their bond of friendship that when either of them went away from village,the other friend looked after his family.Both were greatly respected in the village.