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Good Morning to all of you present here. I Prerna Jaiswal of class 9th - B is going to give a speech on the topic Disadvantages of Mobile phones.
Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days.Today mobile phones have become part and parcel of many people lives. Though mobile phones have many advantages like easy communications, connection with the world, many multiple uses, etc. But it also has many disadvantages. As we all know if anything is over used it has a ill effect on us. As, we all are always connected to our mobile phones it is harder to avoid interruption. People get addicted of checking their friends on facebook, chatting on whatsapp, checking emails and listening music. Just because of this interruption they don't give the time to their family and slowly and gradually they lost connection from the family.
Teenagers are mostly affected by this. They start hiding the things from their friends and elder siblings. People are getting more clever now a days. They started hacking the mobile phones. People keep their important information and documents in the mobile phone which are now easily hacked by the hackers as they too are getting advanced as the security is getting advanced.
Mobile phones also cause distraction many accidents are caused due to distraction with mobile phones while driving. These social apps also affect real interaction of the people. They get attached to the social sites which effects their mental and psychological state.
I would like to conclude my speech by saying that we should avoid the over use of mobile phones and does not get addicted to it. We should only use when it is necessary or the disadvantages will be caused on us too.
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Good morning to all present here. Myself XYZ is going to give a speech on the topic , are mobile phones advantageous or not. 
So, we all know that in today world to communicate easily and faster all use mobile phones they are very advantageous but on other side they are very much harmful for our health and environment also.You would wonder how would mobile phone harmful for environment but really they are harmful for our nature . The radioactive waves which are not visible to us are the most harmful thing . These radioactive waves connect to phone but while passing and roaming in the environment it harms many things as due to these waves the honeybees flying here and there forgot there way to home and at last dies this radioactive waves also pass across the huge infrastructures made of concrete. So just wonder how much harmful this waves would be ? These waves also affects our brain talking on phones for hours and hours is also harmful as these radioactive waves disturb our mind but we are not able to feel that . Also latest technology like smartphones are also harmful as children play games in it for very long hours which is harmful for their eyes and brain .At last I would conclude that use of mobile phone have advantages but too many disadvantages also so we should care for our health and our nature .

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