GMO labeling should be allowed
Dear Editor,
On July 23, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that bars states and the federal government from passing GMO labeling laws.
Tim Norris
Seapines Lane
Appreciates mayor keeping his word
Dear editor,
I would like to acknowledge Mayor Gore for keeping his work about getting the cemeery cleaned up and looking nice. After my letter last year, when I was very digusted with the way the cemetery looked, he promied to get it cleaned up and looking nice.
Elizabeth Poling
East Fourth Street

Area healthcare professionals often underappreciated
Dear Editor,
The healthcare professionals of Marysville work long shifts under difficult circumstances. Their dedication to, and love of, the job that they do every day is often overlooked and under appreciated.  Patients and families of patients are vulnerable, confused, and stressed due to the life-and-death situations encountered at hospitals and nursing facilities. We can forget to take the time during our visit to say how much we appreciate all that is done on behalf of the patients/residents at these facilities, and how fortunate the community of Marysville is to have such resources available 24/7/365.  
John Kerr,