Umm....... its a tough one
im not sure but i think it isĀ caesionid
As its meaning is confusion between two species i.e fusilier and caesio xanthonota so its related to confusion and as for the given clues
1.Girls love it because most of the girls love the guy who keep them confused..
2.Boys use it as one of the synonyms for the term confusion is mess. And boys do mess up things.
3.Parents hate it obviously.They don't like any lack of certainty which is one of the meaning of confusion.
4.Mobiles are scared of it as one of the another synonyms of the word is disorder wiz means disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of something or hence we can call it hanging of mobile phones.From which they are scared of.
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what's the meaning of the word?
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Caesionid is the word that girls love it and boys use it