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Don’t trust bottled water. Reports of locals filling bottles with tap water, sealing and then selling as purified water have come out of several countries. Since Aquatabs have no unpleasant taste or colour, play it safe any time you are faced with suspect water. If you're visiting or living in an area with poor sanitation, be especially wary of the water. If your local Medical Officer of Health has issued a Boil Water Advisory for your community, take the advice seriously. Do not drink untreated water from a spring, stream, river, lake, pond or shallow well. Assume it is contaminated with animal, bird and/or human feces. Disinfect with Aquatabs or boil for 1 to 5 minutes depending on elevation. Prevention is easier than seeking medical treatment once infected. Aquatabs produce no unpleasant taste or colour and are safe and simple to use. If you run out of Aquatabs, boil all suspect water for 1 to 5 minutes depending on elevation.
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In order to prevent infectious water borne diseases, it is important to take necessary precautions. The quality of water should be improved at the source itself. In certain areas, the quality of water supply might be of question. In such cases, it is necessary to disinfect the water before use. Water that is used for all purposes like drinking, cooking, and brushing of teeth should be disinfected properly. The common household ways to avoid water borne diseases by disinfection include:
Vigorously boiling water for one minute can kill most microorganisms.Drink only filtered/bottled water.

prevention tips:

Wash hands properly before eating.

Wash the containers daily.

Eat cooked, warm foods.

Keep your fingernails short and clean.

Use of proper toilets for defecation.

Wash food before cooking and cook food at high temperature so as to kill harmful bacteria.