Your friend has weak eyesight. he is unable to see the writing on the board but refuses to wear his glasses. as a result he is not able to do well in his class assignments.1 how would you encourage him to wear glasses?2. what would you say to convince him?3. do you think your friend would listen to you?4. why do you think your friend does not like to wear glasses?5. what role could his parents play?6. when would be the best time to discuss the issue with your friend?7. how easy do you think it would be to convence your friend?



She hesitates to wear glasses because she thinks that some may tease her. I have to make her throw this inferiority. I will talk to her in front of their parents and nkow the opinions of her and her a friendĀ  I may convince him. I believe that she would hear my words .convencing her may be difficult.