Due to greed man doesn't have respect for anyone and doesn't believe in anyone and that creates misunderstanding between people and that creates fight and that's the end. they end up with killing each other. why do we have to be greedy for anything good. u should be happy enough with whatever you have.

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Greed refers to the excessive want of power or money.
Greed is mainly the main cause of sorrow in this today's world.
Nowadays greed does is not something which occurs between two person it has taken a more bigger scenario. 
Greed can lead to nothing but mind uncontentment in which there is always a want for more. 
Human life can never be happy if there is a search for more. Suppose if I get a anroid phone I will still not be content with it, if I see my friend with a better phone than mine. There might be quarrels at home due to such silly needs which cannot be controlled.
Greed for property have resulted in death. There are many such cases which we come over every now and then on televisions & newspapers.
One most real example can be stated about the recent news which have created disturbances in many countries. The recent war taking place in Israel is a very good example of human greed. It has resulted in mass killing, death of small children & women. Hence, the greed of capturing the whole of Ghaza has resulted in nothing but sorrow, cries, mental disturbances & pain.
Greed is something which one should refrain from inculcating in them and try to keep their moral high so that they dont get tempted which in turn can lead to greed. 
Be satisfied & content with whatever we have this is the main remedy for greed.