15th February, 2016.

Dear friend,
How r u ? Hope you are fine . Its been long that we have seen each other. Hope all ur social activities ate gng good , and may it go in a gud manner.
This time i am writing u this letter to share a suprising moment of my life . U might feel it quite natural but it was a wonderful experience from my side. Its nothing else, but , i came through a bird , u r familiar with , Peacock , but wt we usually see is blue coloured, but this ws white, pure white . We have seen the blue coloured one raising its feathers, but this one , the white peacock when it raised feathers it was just like a white anjel , so beautiful, and so amazing.
Once if i c u , I'll show it's video , I've got it .Come soon so that we can watch it together . I'll be waiting for u .Tell my regards to all ur family members and relatives.
yours lovingly,
anupama reddy.
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k let me try
ok try 
bye and gud nyt
try try till u succeed