First of all you should be able to know what kind of victim has he become in the cyber it can so many things. Then boost him up by saying like it happens with many people you have the guts to win over it, then why aren't you? You should concentrate on studies rather then wasting your time on this,  thinking about it only. 
Studies are the knowledge house of your brain and don't waste its memory with this stupid stuff. These are just small and mini hurdles of life and know that they are not going to stick to you forever.
It is with studies that you can fight against it in the future and you have the right age and mind to fight with them. Your parents or elders may scold you or be angry with you for sometime but they do this to tell you indirectly that you are not supposed to be in that.
I would after consoling him i would talk to his elders and tell them that now it is in your hands to choose whether you want him or not. And of cource as no parent will say no. I will tell them constantly talk to him never give him a second also to think about it again for minimum of 10 days and you yourself will find the change in him.
General awareness should be created because the cyber crime rate is increasing day by day and sometimes they are even suiciding because of this and parents do not know how to react.

Thank You......!!!!!!!!!
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Yours, Jahnavi.