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True learning liberate refers to the learning which is free from all bounds. It might refer to education or knowledge from elsewhere which helps in experiences & make us grow and mature in thoughts.
It refers to the overall development of the learners who should take initiatives to lessen the gap which has been created between the theoretical study & applying it practically. As their knowledge increases it will help them further to gain experiences. The knowledge they gain would be free from any disturbances, i.e., will be liberal.
A myth that learning can only be gained in school should be replaced by free thinking.
Schools & Institutions just provides a platform for education.
Free liberty of learning can be gathered from anywhere not necessarily from such educational institutions. 
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Education is a very important part of our esrly times people invented learning while in todays world we all go to school to gain education .the parents work hard to help us be a successful person education is a fundamental right of the people living in india.there are thousands of school inthe world.there are about 25ooo children who is not being given the permission to be educated.we all should be liberate to gaib education.even the elders should be educated if they are illleterate.age of the person does not decide the knowledge of the person.a child as well as a old person can be a imparts knowledge which is very essential for todays life.all the boys are imparted education while some girls are still behind.these girls should wake up and fight for their rights.this is how india will be filly educated.
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