Good question
No, is the answer.
 Earth comprises of everything man needs for survival and development.
This is not found on any other such planet.
Although trip to mars and moon and other planets is  possible , but not for long


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I have one more question. Is space still expanding
Darling, can you live there? Discoveries have been made,are made and will be made.
Yes, research says so.Space is still expanding.
He is not talking about just the solar system...!
Ahem ahem.. I guess i know what im talking bout dahlin"
The answer is maybe.
There maybe a planet in this universe which is unexplored by us which maybe supporting life forms! Many planets are discovered having suitable life conditions for living organisms but we actually don't know what's going on there..They are so many light years away!!
They are beyond our reach...So even if we discover such planet where we could live upon, we couldn't reach it...Where its hard to reach the planets in our solar system how can we think of going beyond....
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i said maybe
It contains a bit difference..if u can differentiate b/w ur and my answer
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