Traits or characters are the characteristics of the parents which are inherited by the progeny. But not all the traits are expressed by the progeny. This is because one allele is dominant and the other is recessive( A gene has two forms called alleles ).
Only dominant allele expresses itself in the progeny. progeny will have inherited both the alleles but will express only dominant one.
eg. two parents.
father has blue eyes and long nose.
mother has black eyes and short nose.
( Given black eyes and long nose are dominant )
The progeny will have dominant traits only even it has inherited all .
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There are 2 kinds of traits mainly a Dominant and a recessive trait and mostly the dominant trait is expressed hence the recessive trait is hidden it is not expressed.

For example when their is a cross section with the tall plants and short all the plants in F 1 generation are tall because of the hidden trait.
TT  * tt ----------------------Parent line
T T * t t ---------------------Gametes

Tt      Tt ---------------------F 1 generation.

Tt and Tt are the 2 plants so formed from the tall plants. 

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