Noun is a naming word. Proper is a noun which explains about a particular name of a person ,place , thing London,Sushanth
Common nouns names non-specipic people,places,things or ideas 
Pronoun is a substitute of nonu. he,she,it etc.
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Proper Noun : Proper noun is the name of a particular person , thing or place.
Example : Names like Shravani, Vishal, Somendra etc.
               Places like India, Guwahati, Orissa etc

Common Noun : A common noun is a name shared by every person or thing of the same class. It does not refer to any particular person or thing.
Example : Teacher, Doctors, Students etc.

Pronoun : Is a word used in place of a noun.
Example : Somendra is a good boy. He is the class topper.
Here, he is a pronoun used in place of Somendra (Proper Noun).