Historians, both ancient and modern, have considered the historical value of Allahabad Prasasti. The famous Allahabad Prasasti or the Allahabad Pillar inscription provides a pretty impressive list of kings and tribal republics that were conquered by Samudragupta. As a whole, the list of conquests by Samudragupta is vividly described in Allahabad Prasasti. However the fact remains that the famous epigraphic evidence, Allahabad Prasasti was a eulogy composed by Harishena, minister of Samudragupta. According to some scholars since Allahabad Prasasti was composed by the court poet of Samudragupta under his patronage, therefore, it might contain some exaggeration in it. Allahabad Prasasti is inscribed with ornamental and literary Sanskrit, befitting the taste of the elite class of the time. Kausambhi has pointed out that while the Ashokan edicts were written in colloquial language, Prakrit was full of modesty and humble in tone. The Allahabad pillar inscription described the eulogy and Prasasti of a king, couched in the court language of the elite class and full of imperial attitude, reflecting the glory of the imperial Guptas.