He term irony refers to a discrepancy, or disagreement, of some sort. Thediscrepancy can be between what someone says and what he or she reallymeans or verbal irony. The discrepancy can be between a situation that onewould logically anticipate or that would seem appropriate and the situation thatactually develops or situational irony. The discrepancy can even be between thefacts known to a character and the facts known to us, the readers or audience ordramatic irony.Working in groups of four complete the following table. Find instances of irony from the play'the bishop's candlesticks'and justify them.



One of the irony was when the convict had entered and was eating like a beast he told the bishop that it was dangerous to keep the door open till late night and advised him to keep it closed although he himself was able to enter the house just because the door was open. here the convict is asking to take precautions to stop invaders but he himself had invaded the house. you can find more ironies in the chapter The Bestseller