Based on the clues given, I think the only word that best describes the four given clues is “STRAUSS” which is a 7 letter word. The word “STRAUSS” is not an English language to be precise, but German in origin. This is my solution to the 7 letter word puzzle: The word “STRAUSS” has many meanings. The first meaning is “bouquet” which a bouquet of flowers will surely makes a good present to girls because they love it. The second meaning is “it is used as first name for German boys” which clearly support the second clue “boys use it”. The third meaning is “fight” which parents hate it. And the fourth meaning of the word “STRAUSS” is “Ostrich” which is the largest flightless bird native in Africa. An Ostrich is a very aggressive type of bird that attacks using it`s powerful leg which greatly support the fourth clue “animals are scared of”. Therefore, the correct answer that the four clues have in common is “STRAUSS”.