Topic :- Freedom fighters of India .......!⇒ Every one take birth in this world for a specific reason. There are many people who are good and praised everyone but whereas there are few people's who are bad. Good people's always work hard. Good people's do not waste time. This was the case with our great indian freedom fighters. We indians are proud of having such type of freedom fighters in india. It is really a proudest moment that today our great freedom fighters of india took birth in the land of india. Mahatma Gandhi's , who dedicated his whole life to achieve freedom for india. He was really a great person and played a major role in achieving freedom for india . Therefore he was known as "Father of Nation". We salute those people who worked hard to get freedom for india. Bhagat singh who was also known as lion of punjab who was also the son of mother india.! He fought with many british people without any fear. I really salute all other great freedom fighters who made india a peaceful place. I am proud that I born in the place of great freedom fighters in india.