Cleanliness means both to be clean and the process of cleaning. It also means purity. For a healthy living Cleanliness is a must. We have to maintain Cleanliness to be healthy and lead a disease free life. So, Cleanliness is very significant.
Keeping Clean
At the risk of sounding obsessive ... I enjoy taking the kids camping and traveling in remote parts of the world. But I'm worried about them getting sick or catching hepatitis. So we practice germ avoidance at home.
Wash hands often, especially if you are around people who have colds. Here's a step-by-step:

Use warm water -- as hot as you can stand.
But avoid scalding yourself — touch the faucet to feel how hot it is, not the water.
Use anti-bacterial soap.
Wash the top of hands and between fingers.
Use a nail brush to get under the fingernails where germs could hide.
Use paper towels instead of cloth towels used by others. Use that towel to open the door before throwing it away.

Avoid touching eyes and mouth with uncleaned hands.
Have a pack of tissues handy in your car and pocket.
Keep a small amount of soap and towels in your car in case places you visit don't have them.

Rinse contaminants from tops of cans before opening them.
Don't share drinks, food, toothbrushes with others.
Carry around your own water bottle to avoid drinking from unfiltered water fountains and dirty cups.

Use your own telephone, pencils, and hand tools.
Thoroughly wash fruits, then peel skins.
Use separate dishes and utensils for cooked and uncooked food.
To avoid attracting bugs, wipe cooking and eating areas, then wash the wipes.
Move away before others cough. You can catch tubucolois.
Store foods in airtight containers.
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