It is a budhist religious movement formed in 1939 by the budhist reformer Huynh Phu So.
it gained great popularity in the fertile mekong delta area.
 Huynh Phu So's critisism  against useless expenditure had a wide appeal.
he also opposed the sale of child brides , gampling n use of alcohol.
the french put him in mental asylum.
but the doctr who had to prove him insane became his foloower in 1941.n evn the french doctrs said he was sane.
thn...the frnch doctrs exiled him to laos n snt many of his followers to concentration camps.
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1It was a Buddhist movement launched by Huynh Phu So in 1939.
2.It gained popularity in the fertile Mekong River Delta area.
3.It drew on religious ideas popular in anti-French uprising of the 19th century.
4.Huynh Phu So performed miracles and helped the poor. He criticized useless expenditure. He also opposed the sale of child brides, gambling and the use of alcohol and opium.
5.The French suppressed the movement and called Huynh Phu So and exiled him to Laos.