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Fat children are ignored because they are physically not fit. They seem unhealthy as too lethargic. They tend to tired out and hence they are mostly ignored.
Whereas, on the other hand fit children are preferred over the fat children as they tend to have more stamina. They do not tired out soon. They tend to create a long lasting impression by the way they look on people.
This is why fit children are preferred over fat ones.
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my sis is too obesed
haha never mind.. Little kids look cute.. But tell her to change when she grows up..
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i think this is bad that fat children are ignored just on basis on how fit they are,we also know that fitness is important and everyone must be fit but if children are fat,it doesn't mean that they are not good & loyal friends.
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People in the world only look for physically beautifully children as the look good in the eyes of audience which being a fat child the heart is pure of the child bit bcause of physically being ugly they are always ignored.