POLLY THE PARROT---'You have heard the saying"as talkative as a magpie"-but have you ever heard a magpie talk?no,because usually magpies are not kept as pets.parrots are and that is why i choose to tell you about myself.i was no more than a few weeks old.i could barely fly when a naughty climbed to my home and snatched me away from my parents.he went a short distance and sold me for a paltry sum of 10 rupees to a man who sat by the wayside.he had cages that held a number of my relatives.i was put into a cage by myself.i could not understand why but when i took a good look at the others,i got my answer.i was different from the others although we were all parrots.the others smaller in size were called parakeets.i of course was more appealing to people as my size and looks were what they were looking for.i am handsome in my greem plumage a couple of feathers of which grow longer han the rest to form a beautiful long tail.i have a sharp beak which i used to eat nuts and grams.i have a band around my neck.i have small eyes but i never miss anything.i am owned by a little boy named chintu who bought me at the rath mela.chintu paid 75 rupees for me .chintu called me polly .polly was the first word i learnt and then other sentences.he kept me with chintu is studying in class 9 and i am not neglected although much of his time is spent on his books.still i continue wih my tricks and wistle tunes but the occasions are few.