⇒ HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY . The person who is really honesty is always regarded s the 'best person'' in the world . But is it true , that in today's  society -can we find any person , who is truly honest ? Perhaps , I can say yes and as well as no . 

Well , being a honest person is always a good quality in human being and a way to live merrily in the world . A honest person never offs his duty and thus he respects his duty every day and every time .

WHY ONE MUST BE HONEST ? May be this question mainly arises from today's generation people . In today's society , Many youth citizens just ought to live a shortcut life , Instead being sincere & honest .
I found only rare people in the society who has the quality of honesty and sincerity . Sometimes , people think that being a honest person , is just a ''squander'' and suppose they advise this to their companions too who are already honest and polite . I think people must change their minds and must be seriously honest and bring some changes in the country . People must know the value of honesty and must know the fact behind for being honesty .

''HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY''- This was said by many great philosophers , but in today's society it was found futile . People must utilize this statement in every aspects of the work they do . 

They must know that being an honest is better than being in bad company . Living a life with sincerity and honesty will bring a  change in their bad habits and thus they become  ''gold'' for the all people .