Our national flag is of great importance the design of our national flag was designed by gandhiji and nehruthere nd pingali venkaiia are 3 colours in our national flag saffor The blue wheel in the middle represents Dharma Chakra of King Ashoka. It means peace and progress we should honour and respect our national flagOn the occasion of Independence Day, the PM of India, hoists the National Flag and addresses to the nation. and  is also hoisted at several places such as offices, schools, communities, societies, etc the ratio of our flag is 2:3 and there are 24 spokes in chakra
Our Indian flag is rectangle in shape with the propotion 3:2.It is tricolour with a wheel known as Ashoka Chakra with 24 equal spokes in the middle.It has Saffron in the upper part which denotes Courage and Sacrifice then white in the middle which shows truth and peace and then the last colour which is the green colour shows the prosperity and vibrance. Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)