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Deeds refer to the doing a person does in his course of time. It might be good or bad. Looks are deceptive you get to know about the person by his good or bad deed. Which later helps in judging the character of the person.
Our good character cannot be changed be affected at any circumstances because we have inculcate the goodness in us which reflects through our deeds and becomes to be known as our character.
The bad deeds reflects the negative character of a person. 
A good character is blessed with understanding, moral strength which does not bow before any bad things, uplifts our image & personality and makes other respect us.
Great people like Mahatma Gandhi are great examples of such people with good character which reflected through their deeds. 

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Here is a phase "good deeds and bad deeds always comes back".a person who does something good by knowing hat their is nno benefit for is a real human being.this person may not be rewarded by human but this person will surely be blessed and rewarded by god.this person will be successful may be when the person is alive or passed away.they are such person that are never forgotten .so always be good as you will be denitely rewarded.