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False friends are undoubtedly good actors.So, its quite typical that they lull their victims by their caressing nature only to fulfill their own greedy needs.In general, a false friend expects something worthy and advantageous from his victim friend and so he tries to convince his friend with his caressing deeds and smiles.. The innocent friend blindly believes the cheater considering him to be his true friend.False friends do not actually care and respect their friends' feelings but pretend as if they are really kind-hearted and great at loving their friends.This kind of essence-less friendships do not last forever and the real nature of the false friend would surely be revealed soon on some fine day..!
At times we may even misunderstand our real friends and consider them to be false just because of their facial expressions.
So, never ever judge anyone basing on their facial expressions or smiles..
First try to understand others' inner feelings and heart's desires and then decide whether they are really truthful and trustworthy to be your friend or not.

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Well false friends, they are persons with two different personalities,
Well, False friends are peoples with two different personalities, they are always indulged in getting their personal profit at every stage when you're with Them.
They can be your friends because of your help in something, maybe your personality, or even money.
So, You can have 100000000 false friends but finding a true One is difficult. :)
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