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Babur was born on 14 February 1483 .his full name was  Ẓahīr-ud-Dīn Muḥammad. he was a conqueror from Central Asia who, following a series of setbacks, finally succeeded in laying the basis for the Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinentand became the first Mughal emperor.He was the eldest son of Umar Sheikh Mirza. He ascended the throne ofFergana in 1495 at the age of twelve and faced rebellion from his own relatives. He conquered Samarkand two years later, only to lose the city of Fergana soon after. In his attempt to reconquer it, he lost control of Samarkand.Babur is popularly believed to have demolished the Rama Temple at Ayodhya, India, and built Babri Masjid there.[citation needed]However, three inscriptions which once adorned the surface of the mosque indicate that it was constructed on the orders of Mir Baqi, not Babur.he died on  26 December 1530
Zahir-ud-din muhammad commonly known as Babur (Tiger),was a great grandson of Timur and a descendent of Turkish ruler chengis khan,who had invaded India several times. Babur was a brave soldier,an experienced general,a skilled horse-rider,a sure shooter and a skilled swordsman.