Write a summary of the passage and suggest a suitable title. (15) 3. Write a paragraph of 100 - 150 words on any one of the following topics: (10) a. The joint family system. b. The value of honesty. c. A strong leader. d. Childhood memories. 4. Write a composition of 250 - 300 words based on any one of the pictures given below: (20) A B C D E 5. You are the Sports Secretary of your institution. Write a report in 250 words of a meeting held to discuss the forthcoming Sports Day.



Once upon a time a man named Sukhvinder Singh Lived in a far village. He had a very bad thing that he can't lie even he wanted too. he is very poor and he wanted money to buy a house and marry his beloved. His lover's father demanded that first he should own a house then he could marry her. One day he thought to rob their village's Gramin Bank. He robbed the bank with his three friends and hid the money into a well.
The Bank Manager Complained the police that somebody has robbed all the money an amount of 9 lakhs from the bank. After few days sukhvinder surrendered and gave a small amount of 50 lakhs from the whole money robbed from the bank. Next day the police took him in the Court. where the Judge question Sikhvinder and he told all the truth why he robbed the bank. The judge ordered the police to release Sukhvinder for his Honesty and gave 5 years prison to the bank manager for the illegal money kept in the bank. After Sukhvinder with his beloved and his 2 friends spend their whole life happily.
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