Advantages of Biogas1. Renewable Source of Energy: To begin with, biogas is considered to be a renewable source of energy. Since it often produced from materials that form sewage and waste products, the only time it will be depleted is when we stop producing any waste.2. Non-Polluting: It is also considered to be non-polluting in nature. The production of biogas does not require oxygen, which means that resources are conserved by not using any further fuel.3. Reduces Landfills: It also uses up waste material found in landfills, dump sites and even farms across the country, allowing for decreased soil and water pollution.4. Cheaper Technology: Applications for biogas are increasing as the technology to utilize it gets better. It can be used to produce electricity and for the purpose of heating as well. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is biogas that has been compressed and can be used as a fuel for vehicles. Production can be carried out through many small plants or one large plant.
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