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Television is one of the marvels that modern science has gifted us.
It has served as a boon no doubt but it has its disadvantages too.
Watching too much television harms our eyes as well as dulls our mind. It causes an adverse affect on our studies.
Many people are unnaturally influenced by programs shown on the television.
They take to violence & misbehavior with women.
All these are basically the unwanted effect of T.V.

from your point of view u said that television is a marvalus thing can u answer my question how much marvalua or important thing for u
Well there are many advantages and disadvantages of everything. Well watching Tv, when we see the Knowledgeabe channels like discovery or national geographic, we increase the concentration, sharpness of our mind and of course get a better knowledge of everything we do. (:
Ont the other hands if we see the Chanels which do not give us some moral value, then we're wasting our time, and somethimes, small children are indulged in watching adult stuff, which can harm them, by their personality in future.  :)