My school is The Indian Public School.
my school got award for cleanliness.
we follow swach bharath every day,
we have many festival celebrations in our school.
My school has nice teachers. It has a fun playground. There is a cafeteria where I get good food and milk. The coach teaches us fun games to play. My school has lots of classrooms. My school has lots of fun projects for me to do. Sometimes my school has an open house and then my mom and dad can see all the neat things we do in class.

You couldnt come up with anything to help your kid with this assignment? You are not doing him/her any favors by getting answers off of here for this particular homework. Ask the kid what he/she does at school, does the school have any sports teams, any special clubs, any outstanding teachers, a library, etc etc. Make the kid talk about the school, I mean, he/she does spend most of their day there. This is a good opportunity for you to listen, and for the kid to talk, about what goes on all day at school.

I like my school.
2 I've got interesting subjects.
3 I've found lots of friends here.
4 I've attended this school for 6 years.
5 I'm good at Maths. I'm not so good at Biology.
6 I'm leaving school in summer.
7 I'm going to start an apprenticeship as a shop assistant.
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