Gandhiji Said that constructive programme is the construction of complete independence by truthful & nonviolent means.Gandhian constructive programme is building the new society. According to Gandhi, we need to develop our own truthful & non violent means.

The Gandhian constructive programme organization
The core elements of the constructive programme that Gandhian believed would be necessary for the transformation & liberation of India involved programmes to embody equality, liberate education, make a Gram Swaraj.Gandhian constructive programme organization is give emphasis to :
Sustainable development Development of Cottage Industry Antidote to environment problems Formation of Local Self Govt. Universalization of Primary Education Empowering women Breaking the bridge between tauchable & untouchable
Sustainable development
Sustainability is the core to his development process which appears to be a best viable alternative model of development in the recent yearsAccording to Gandhi, human society must not to exploit more of natural resources for developmentFor him using anything extra is a stealing. According to his philosophy the Gramin swarna swarojogar yojana, national rural employment guaranted scheme, self help groups etc. are some of developmental schemes.