My world is my life and  as i am a citizen of the world i have all my rights and freedom. but i will never misuse them. as a citizen i have many duties such as -helping others ,make this world like a heaven and also be happy and makes other  happy.
and i also have many responsibilities towards my world and also towards my country .and as a citizen i have many responsibilities like -always be ready to face the problems that come on the country and help the country in growing up.
and i have to make the countries of the world close together and work with unity and peace there should be no wars between all countries as we all are humans and are of one world .
the whole world should be like a family in which there should be love ,purity and trust and this will happen when there will be no competitions between country because this is also the reason of wars .
to improve the world we also have to help the poor countries of the world .and we must take our responsibilities seriously and then we will be a good citizen of the world.
we also should live together happily and also love the nature because if we want the world like a heaven so we have to plant trees and not only to plant also to take care of them and also take care and love animals .and also save our forests and wildlife.
we should also conserve water because it is a need of the whole world so we must not waste them use only that is needed and not to waste because it is the most important thing to survive our lives .and then we will be a good citizen of the world.:D

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We live in india so technically we all are citizens of the world.we all have certain duties towards our world.we live in this world from the time of our birth till the time of our death.the world has been greatly is we who are responsible for this pollution.we pollute the water by throwing wastes in it.we pollute the land by throwing various harmful materials such as plastics ,dead bodies etc which are called biodegradable substances.the land is being polluted by the smoke given out by vehicles driven by us.the monuments are being spoilt because of water pollution.the forests are disappearing because of air a result the world is becoming ugly.we are the one who are responsible for the citizen of the world we should protect our nature and our world and try our best to make it look evergreen and beautiful.
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