Role model is a person who can enthuse confidence in us, so that we could follow the path on which he is treading. By a sheer thought of whom, one gets inspired and dreams of becoming like him.

When we speak of a role model, we actually talk of a person with good and attractive qualities. There are evil doers in the society whose role models are bad and disgruntled people. These kind of people can not be our role models, because they can only take us to doom.

We can have Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and so many others as our role models, because they all have done sacrificial service to their countries.

The idea of keeping someone as our role model is that we can keep ourselves busy in reading about these persons and understand what made these people unique. So we can get to know of their qualities by which they came through in life under trying circumstances. They did not give up on one pretext or the other. Thus we can draw our inspiration from these people and work untiringly towards our respective goal in life.

In the end, I will like to say that even when we have our role models, they are only for beiwig a guide to us in the absence of a living role model. As we progress in life, we can see things ourselves and act according to the situations. I may admire my role model for what he did in the circumstances that he faced, but today's issues may be different. So we have to be wise in our own assessments and do what we can do best in the prevailing conditions.

In this way we will not only be honoring our role model, but could even become a role model for others to follow.