Instead of summary ,try to recall all these points if u have read the lesson-
Definition of weather and climate.
Climatic controls.
factors affecting climate in India.
Defination of jetstream.
western cyclonic disturbances.
Monsoon mechanism.
El nino .
Onset and withdrawal of monsoon.
The seasons
- Cold weather
- Hot weather
- Advancing monsoon
-Retreating monsoon .
Distribution of rainfall in different parts of the country .
How does monsoon act as an unifying bond??

And also do the questions given behind the lesson properly.Also, you can see videos on YouTube for about 1/2 hr, you will remember the whole lesson properly.
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can u also plz suggest me on colonism and the rule and also the story of cricket...plz plz....
M sorry we r having pastrolists in modern world and cricket one...But I don't have time noe to write for u the cricket one..Sry...just read the textbook properly then see ur score in the test...Don't concentrate on notes more concentrate on reading of textbook