Television plays a very very important role in our day to day life. Television is used not only for knowledge and news from all over the world, it also helps in one's entertainment, mostly the reality shows. Not only for adult, children are also a whole lot influenced by watching these shows. Sometimes they even try to imitate what they see in there most beloved television screens which may sometimes prove fatal in many cases. And as a result numerous accidents have also occured. Parents are not enough careful of what their child is watching which may lead to some disaster.
     We cannot let this go on. If it does and all the children start performing those risky task then it will go out of control. So we must check it before it does. Parents must regularly keep a check on what their ward is watching  and if it is safe for them. The dangerous and risky shows must be scheduled as late as possible to avoid a child's eye. Every show must have some age limit so that no infant can follow the fatal actions. If these measures are followed properly by each and every household, in future the risk of children performing fatal stunts and as a result getting injured may get decreased.
                                         Class XII
                                        SGMS School, Cochin