90 MeN ------------20 days -----------2KM
1    MeN -------------20 days ----------2/90 KM
20 days -----------1 MAN --------------2/90 km
1 day ----------------1MAN --------------2/90*20=1/900 km
remains days = 15,  remains work=6-2=4 km
 15 days -------------1 MAN ---------------1*15/900 km
let x MAN do 4km in 15 days
x=240 MeN
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answer is 150!!
yea! right 240-90=150
tell the ans

we can solve it by simple Equality here

no of days remaining=35-20=15

no of km remaining 6-2=4km

so by equation


so x=35*9=315

so no of more men required is 315-90=225

hence 225 more men required

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by which eqn
hey Dude I have used simply the rule of equality ...u know that F=MA then units on the both side of equation is same i.e Newton...similarly I hv equated the two side considering the saves time a lot ...thank you