Once day, the emperor suddenly asked Birbal what he would choose if he were ever given a chance between a gold coin and justice. Birbal took a second and said, "I would choose to keep the cold coin." Akbar was shocked at Birbal's response. "What?" questioned the emperor. "You would choose a gold coin over justice?" "Yes, Jahanpanah," Birbal said firmly. All other courtiers were taken aback by Birbal's display of foolishness. The courtiers had been trying to discredit Birbal in the eyes of Akbar since time immemorial but could never succeed in doing so. And now that Birbal had done it himself, the courtiers could not believe their good fortune. Birbal was displeased and said, "I would have felt insulted and discouraged even if the poorest and lowliest of my helpers had said this." "But this coming from you is unbelievable and I never knew that you were so mean and corrupt and foolish," he added. And the emperor was so pleased by the very next statement of Birbal that he gave him not one but showered a thousand golden coins on him! What did Birbal say?



BIRBAL said one asks for what he don't have he said you have seen that in our country justice is available everyone so justice is already there there for me so i dont have gold coin so i asked for it
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