एक महान ऋषि हुए ! उनका हृदय बड़ा उदार और कृपालु था ! वृक्ष काटना और मृग मारना पाप था ! उनकी तृण की एक कुटिया थी ! नृप-सहित सबका आदर करना उनकी आदत थी ! उनकी एक गाय थी जिसका घृत अमृत सदृश था ! कृषक और कृषि पर उनकी परम कृपा थी !

Please translate this for my first standard daughter.. I know lil hindi only.

thanks in adv...



Here is the translation-
There was a great saint
His heart was very kind and indulgent
Killing deer and Cutting trees was a sin
He owned a hut made up of sticks
Respecting everyone was his habit
He had a cow whose milk was like nectar
He has a grace on farmer and farming.
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What is meant by तृण?
तृण means grass i think
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There was a great sage. His heart was very generous and indulgent. Cutting trees and killing deers was sin. He had a hut made up of grass . It was his habit to respect all including  king.He had a cow whose milk was like nectar. He had a supreme grace on farmers and agriculture.
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u r welcome
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