Start with 2 people were walking one of them threw a plastic bottle on the road another person was coming he told him to pick it up and explained why and expand in short it is on save the environment and use plastic in a more efficient way 
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Ravi- hi rashi how are you
rashi- i am fine and how are you?
Ravi- i am fine hey a ice cream shop lets buy one
rashi- ok
Ravi yummy
rashi- true
( after eating the ice cream ravi throws the wrapper on the road and  rashi puts it in the dustbin)
ravi-  hey lets go and play
rashi- ravi it is very basd habit to throw wrappers on street you should pick it up and throw it in the dustbin
Ravi- hey leave it lets go.
rashi no you should pick it up when rain comes it goes and chokes sthe drains and then water fills up and mosquito breed on it and we get infected. so it is better to keep our environment clean and healthy
Ravi- yes you are right i will throw this wrapper in dustbin asnd never repeat this habit again

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